Dismantling remaining barriers to be trans fat free by 2023

18th November 2020

In collaboration with Resolve to Save Lives, the NCD Alliance presented a high-level virtual event on 17 November 2020 on strategies to eliminate industrially-produced trans fatty acids (iTFA) from the global food supply. The event had a particular focus on regional approaches and commercial entities in the food supply chain that have not yet been reached by regulation or voluntary commitments.

Moderated by Dr Francesco Branca, Director of WHO’s Department of Nutrition for Health and Development, speakers from national authorities and civil society presented on progress to date in iTFA elimination and what gaps and challenges still remain to achieve WHO’s goal of an iTFA-free world by 2023. 

Insights from the webinar were:

  • In the last few years, regional approaches to iTFA elimination (EU, EAUA, GCC, PAHO) are on the rise. They protect more people than country policies, require less investment from individual countries, reduce disparities within regions and lessen barriers to industry compliance.
  • An increasing number of countries adopt best-practice policies (ban on partially hydrogenated oils, the main source of iTFA, and/or a limit of 2g iTFA per 100g fats/oils in all foods). However, low- and lower-middle income countries lag behind.
  • Small- and medium-sized enterprises dominate national markets. They need to be provided with information and technical support to enable them to phase out iTFA from their products.
  • Most successful are countries that involve all stakeholders in the regulatory process and that take a multi-pronged approach including not only a best practice iTFA regulation but also accompanying measures such as food labelling, awareness campaigns and rigorous monitoring and evaluation. 

The webinar featured Rita Teaotia, Chairperson of the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India; Dr Francesco Branca, Director of WHO’s Department of Nutrition for Health and Development; Dr Tom Frieden, President and CEO of Resolve to Save Lives; Dr Sabine Jülicher, Director for Food and Feed Safety, Innovation at the European Union’s Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety (DG SANTE); Dr Eunice Pang, Deputy Director at the Health Promotion Board of Singapore; Laurène Aubert, Manager at SUN Business Network; and Ana Larrañaga, Director General of Salud Crítica (Mexico).

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