Fruit market in Cairo, Egypt © Cuyahoga from Pixabay
Fruit market in Cairo, Egypt © Cuyahoga from Pixabay

NCDA member raising awareness in Egypt

13th January 2020

The Egyptian NCD Alliance (EgNCDA) contributed to a national awareness campaign supporting healthy lifestyle habits with a video series focusing on noncommunicable disease (NCD) prevention.

The national campaign "Living life the right way" aims to encourage the adoption of healthy lifestyles across Egypt, leveraging multi-channel communications through the CBC Health TV show, social media and public awareness events in universities and social clubs.

"Enhancing public awareness on NCDs is a national priority that the Egyptian NCD Alliance is committed to contribute to through several initiatives in collaboration with public and private sector partners" commented Professor Adel El Sayed, Professor of Internal Medicine and President of EgNCDA.

"Reaching out to thousands of people in a few weeks, leveraging more than two million followers on the CBC Health TV show's Facebook page, warning against the risk factors of diabetes and cardiovascular disease, such as smoking, and highlighting the health benefits of sports and healthy nutrition, all without leaving anyone behind, is a great purpose to work for," said Dr. Wael Safwat, internal medicine consultant and coordinator at EgNCDA.

 "The campaign is a successful example of collaboration between different stakeholders from public and private sectors, reflecting the multidisciplinary and multisectoral approach in Egypt, involving EgNCDA, Pfizer Upjohn division, MIMA, Tanta University Health wellness center, AlphaGiene and Pure Spot," commented Dr. Reham Ghalaf, member of EgNCDA.

In his turn Walid El Hady, Corporate Affair & Communication Lead of Upjohn Egypt, emphasised the role of public-private partnerships in advancing strategic actions towards efficient and effective solutions to overcoming the NCD-related and healthcare challenges in Egypt.

Additionally, the EgNCDA conducted a community conversation with people living with NCDs in December 2019 to meaningfully involve them in the NCD response, and join voices in the call to actions on NCDs in Egypt and globally.