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Third Global NCD Alliance Forum to 'Bridge the gap’ in Sharjah in 2020

15th October 2019

The third Global NCD Alliance Forum will be held on 9-11 February 2020 in Sharjah, UAE, under the theme ‘Bridging the Gap’.

The Forum, hosted by Sharjah-based Friends of Cancer Patients, will gather over 400 representatives from the global NCD movement to exchange knowledge, share good practices and build capacity for prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) globally. It will also be a prime opportunity to unite and mobilise civil society to monitor governments’ progress and advocate for action to implement global pledges to meet NCD targets locally and nationally in 2025 and 2030.

Under the theme 'Bridging the Gap', the Forum's programme will be organised around three sub-themes:

  • Building demand for action through transformative social movements and voices of change
  • Enhancing accountability through transformative and inclusive governance
  • Saving lives through transformative policies and solutions.

Check out the Programme at a glance here.

The Forum will also present the 2nd edition of the Sharjah Awards, which recognise national and regional NCD alliances working on monitoring progress and advocating for action on NCDs, as committed to in the Sharjah Declaration.

Visit the Forum's website here.

Watch Katie Dain explain why a Global NCD Alliance Forum: