Replace trans fats - case study report
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Trans Fat Free by 2023 Report

Trans Fat Free by 2023 Report <
Published 25th April 2019
Author NCD Alliance


This report presents case studies of six countries in different regions of the world that have enacted policies to eliminate industrially-produced trans fatty acids/trans fat (TFA) from their food supply.  The purpose of this report is to provide civil society organizations (CSOs) and policy-makers around the world with examples of successful strategies for enacting and implementing TFA policies.  The report also provides best practices, lessons learned, and recommendations based on the experience of policy-makers, advocates, and researchers involved in such efforts.
Countries highlighted in this report are diverse geographically, economically, and politically, have enacted different TFA policies, used varied strategies for enacting and implementing them, and are at different stages in the implementation process.  Our intent is for readers to understand the importance of policies in reducing or eliminating TFAs from the food supply and see that there are many potential paths to achieving this outcome.
This report was funded through a grant to the NCD Alliance from Resolve to Save Lives, an initiative by Vital Strategies.  As part of this project, the NCD Alliance works globally and nationally to help scale up proven strategies in the REPLACE package of the World Health Organization (WHO) to reduce and eliminate exposure to TFAs and increase availability of healthier alternatives.  The NCD Alliance is focused on leveraging evidence and good practices to build demand for effective policies and action on TFA globally and activate change through the grassroots by mobilising civil society to drive country-level action and impact on TFA in selected geographies.
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