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NCDA’s General Assembly and candidates for 2019-2021 Board

04th April 2019

NCDA's next General Assembly meeting will be held on 18th May in Geneva, where voting members will elect for the first time the NCDA President and Board for the term 2019-2021.

This year will be the first General Assembly meeting since 2017, when the NCD Alliance transitioned into a standalone NGO and established its membership structure, providing members a unique opportunity to shape NCDA leadership and strategic direction for the coming years, and helping to reinforce its credibility as the global voice for civil society in the NCD space.  

As defined by its constitution the NCD Alliance convenes every two years a meeting of the General Assembly, its supreme governing body, through which NCDA full and founding members elect the NCDA President and Board of Directors, and have a say in our global strategy and activities.  

The NCDA President and Board provide governance, leadership and strategic direction to NCDA and all its activities, steering the growth and safeguarding the reputation and success of the organisation. At the General Assembly meeting, founding and full members will vote for 8 of the 14 candidates for the Board of Directors and for 1 out of the 2 candidates for President.

The NCDA Candidate Profile Booklet includes the bios of all candidates, and a statement with their motivation and relevance of their candidacy to help inform NCDA members’ decision in the election process.

You may find the provisional agenda and more information about the General Assembly meeting at any time on ‘My NCDA Hub’, a restricted area on our website for NCDA members, where you can also register for the General Assembly and if unable to attend, you may fill in a form for proxy voting by 17 April 2019 or vote via e-mail by 3 May 2019.

The NCDA Board and team really look forward to this first meeting with NCDA members, and would like to thank them warmly for their continuous support since NCDA’s organisational transition in 2017.