WHO Walk the Talk event, 20 May 2018, Geneva. © Gilberto Lontro / NCD Alliance


Full and associate members of the NCD Alliance (NCDA) access a range of benefits designed to enhance visibility, networking and information-sharing to support their work.

Joining gives you access to various channels and platforms for deeper engagement between partners and allies working on similar themes or sharing similar challenges. As well, members have access to a number of thematic, interest-based or regional sub-networks of the NCD community.

Membership benefits

Full and associate members

NCDA membership offers a range of benefits beyond our advocacy materials and activities, members enhance their visibility through our website and as part of our NCD community, and have access to many networking and information-sharing opportunities to support their work.

In addition, NCDA members play a key role in governance. They are invited to the General Assembly meetings every two years. Depending on the membership category, members may nominate candidates for the election of NCDA Board Members and President, and have a right to vote, playing a critical role in NCDA’s strategy and activities.

Network members

In addition to receiving our weekly newsletter, network members may access webinar recordings after one month they have taken place. They will also be displayed on the NCD Alliance Network by name and location.