WHO Walk the Talk event, 20 May 2018, Geneva. © Gilberto Lontro / NCD Alliance


We want NCD Alliance (NCDA) members to be highly engaged in our activities and communications, so that we can provide them visibility in our network. We also value their feedback, which allows us to better adapt our services to their needs.

In order to fully enjoy the benefits of NCDA membership, here are some tips for our members.

Membership tips

A few tips to boost your membership with us:


  • Appoint at least two key contact people to liaise with NCDA on behalf of your organisation, one person for general matters, who will our primary contact, and another person for communications matters.


  • Create an account on our website when completing your membership application, and update your data and contact details when necessary to ensure efficient communication.


  • If you are a full member, please participate in NCDA General Assembly meetings and vote in NCDA elections  your vote and voice are highly valued!


  • Participate in our events, including our bi-annual Global NCD Alliance's Forum, NCD Cafés & Dialogues and side events.


  • Stay informed about what is happening by regularly reviewing our website and subscribing to our newsletters.


  • Share updates and resources on our website. This will assist your organisation and the broader NCD community to achieve its goal of fighting NCDs!


  • Fill in our surveys and polls. Your feedback is crucial to helping us improve our membership services.


  • For any questions regarding membership, please contact our Membership team at [email protected]