Global NCD Alliance Forum 2017, Sharjah (UAE). © Gilberto Lontro / NCD Alliance


The NCD Alliance (NCDA) offers a tiered annual fee structure.

We aim to open our membership to the widest public possible, while also ensuring that our offer is financially sustainable. To that end, the fee depends upon the income level of the country where the member is based, as well as the membership category.

Membership fees

The following rules and discounts apply on membership fees: 

  • Country income classifications are defined as per World Bank income classification at the time of application or payment of fee for membership renewal;
  • An international or regional organisation will be eligible to pay the membership fee applicable to the country they are registered in. If they are not a registered entity, the fee will be determined based on the location of the organisation’s secretariat; 
  • Membership is rolling and members can join at any point throughout the year. Membership is valid for 365 days, from the date of joining. Members will have a choice to pay with PayPal or via bank transfer;
  • Organisations sponsored to become NCDA members by other organisations can only become associate members; 
  • NCDA founding federations’ member associations (members of WHF, UICC, The Union, IDF) that are based in low- and middle-income countries are eligible for a 25% discount in membership fees;
  • NCDA offers a tiered nominal fee structure for national and regional NCD alliances, and for their members based in low- and middle-income countries. For further information, please contact [email protected].


NCDA’s associate and full member organisations can opt to become an NGO supporting partner for a $25k flat fee (no discount applicable).