The NCD Advocacy Institute Accelerator Programme is a three-year initiative that seeks to increase the capacity of established national NCD alliances to drive effective in-country NCD advocacy.

Annual workshops between 2017 and 2019 will be convened to seize key global advocacy opportunities and strengthen links between global and national NCD action.

The NCD Advocacy Institute Accelerator Programme seeks to build the knowledge and skills of national alliances to do global advocacy.

Training alliances on key global processes relating to NCD policy (such as the 2018 UN High Level Meeting on NCDs) and on the inner-workings of key global decision making bodies – such as the World Health Organisation in Geneva and the United Nations in New York is a crucial component of this.

We believe that supporting alliances’ involvement in global advocacy and offering platforms to showcase their work can in turn strengthen national advocacy efforts.

2017 Workshop (May, 2017)

Margins of the World Health Assembly, Geneva

Attended by two representatives from each of the five participating national NCD alliances, the Accelerator workshop covered a wide array of topics including WHO processes, particularly as they relate to NCDs, and an exploration of each national alliance’s activities and obstacles. 

The 2018 UN High-Level Meeting on NCDs was also discussed with a view of identifying relevant advocacy opportunities. Alliances also leveraged World Health Assembly events and meetings to showcase their activities and build relationships with decision makers.


2018 Workshop

Margins of United Nations, New York City

The second workshop, revolving around joint planning for the 2018 UN High Level Meeting, will also cover national updates, sustainability, and more.

2019 Workshop

The final workshop of the series will focus on advocacy monitoring and evaluation, financial sustainability, and alliance visibility. More details will appear here.