Seed Programme

The NCDA’s Advocacy Institute Seed Programme promotes and supports coalition building at national and regional levels, and establishes the foundations for effective NCD advocacy.

Through multiyear partnerships with selected nascent NCD alliances or countries with opportunities to form a new alliance, NCDA offers grants, tailored technical assistance on coalition building, as well as mentoring, training and networking opportunities, such as the chance to participate in the Global NCD Alliance Forums.

The first phase of the Advocacy Institute Seed Programme was launched in early 2017 for a three-year period (2017-2019), aiming to promote coalition building and establish the foundations for effective NCD advocacy, by supporting nine countries: Egypt, Ghana, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mozambique, Myanmar, Nigeria, Philippines, and Vietnam, of which six alliances were founded during the programme.

A second phase was launched in 2020, supporting four emerging alliances in strengthening their coalitions (Côte d’Ivoire, Malawi, Malaysia and the African NCDs Network – regional alliance), and supporting the formation of a new alliance in Senegal.

The Seed Programme aims to achieve:

  • Functional NCD alliances with effective and sustainable organisational design and governance, and basic strategic plans;
  • NCD alliances that include advocacy in their mission, demonstrate an understanding of national policy gaps and advocacy opportunities, and engage in advocacy activities;
  • NCD alliances that are knowledgeable of global, regional and national NCD policy processes.


Participating Seed NCD alliances

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Read about the three Seed Programme training sessions tackling the topics of coalition-building, advocacy, communications and fundraising.


The Seed Programme includes a seed grant opportunity for programme partners designed to support NCD civil society coalition-building and enable the application of knowledge and skills acquired through the programme.

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