The NCD Advocacy Institute’s Seed Programme is a three-year initiative that promotes and supports national NCD coalition-building to establish the foundations for effective advocacy.

It offers three in-person training sessions over three years covering the topics of coalition building, advocacy, communications and fundraising.

The training offered to Seed Programme partners leverage the expertise, network and contacts of the NCD Alliance, including experienced advocates from established prominent national or regional NCD alliances.

To encourage coalition-building, two country representatives from different organisations within each participating NCD alliance are invited to each session, all of which include training modules addressing alliance sustainability and advocacy. 


2017 Training: Coalition building (July)

Jakarta, Indonesia

This session focused on how to build an effective NCD Alliance, strategic planning, the global policy landscape and civil society’s role in accountability, elements of the 2018 UN High Level Meeting process, as well as issues surrounding organizational sustainability.

2018 Training: Advocacy

The 2018 training will facilitate mobilisation around advocacy opportunities afforded by the 2018 UN High Level Meeting on NCDs.

It will include modules on strategic advocacy (key steps in campaign planning), holding governments accountable, building advocacy capacity, and programmatic sustainability.

2019 Training: Communications and Fundraising

The final training session will cover internal and external communications, how to make the case for funding, applying for restricted funds, using the media for advocacy purposes, financial sustainability, as well as guidance on managing alliance visibility, image, and reputation.