The NCD Advocacy Institute’s Seed Programme is a three-year initiative that promotes and supports national NCD coalition-building to establish the foundations for effective advocacy.

To enable the application of knowledge and skills acquired through the Seed Programme, partners are provided with a seed grant opportunity to bolster national NCD coalition-building efforts and advocacy.

After the first training in the summer of 2017, Seed Programme partners were asked for a project proposal for seed funding.

The implementation and evaluation of the grants will be complemented with technical assistance in the form of direct access to NCD Alliance staff throughout the year

You can find more information about each partner’s advocacy activities below: 

Egypt – Egyptian NCD Alliance

The Egyptian NCD Alliance (EgNCDA) will be focusing on consolidating its structure and governance systems, including through the recruitment and training of a CEO and development of a web site to serve as a communication platform between the alliance and the public. 

Simultaneously, EgNCDA will build on relationships with the Egyptian Ministry of Health, Parliament, and the media to advance its advocacy agenda. Activities related to the meaningful involvement of people living with NCDs through the Our Views, Our Voices initiative and the creation of a ‘Health Friendly Communities’ project will also be prioritized.

Ghana – Vision for Alternative Development

Through this project, VALD will work to facilitate the establishment of a Ghana NCD Alliance for advocacy, policy development, holding government accountable and expose industry interferences. 

The launch of a GhNCDs Alliance will bring stakeholders together to ignite government commitment and raise public awareness about NCDs.  A needs assessment will be conducted to identify priority areas for the alliance to take on board. 

Indonesia – NCD Alliance Indonesia

NCD Alliance Indonesia’s main activities this year will be geared towards re-establishing and strengthening the alliance to support NCD prevention at national and sub-national level.

The current project will focus on strengthening local government commitment to support NCD prevention program at national and sub-national level in Indonesia. 

Mozambique – ALCC & AMOCOR

The present project in Mozambique intends to form a coalition of organizations fighting against NCDs in the country. The project will start by scoping the landscape to identify potential partners and describe their current status and challenges. 

An online survey and interviews will be performed to collect insights from the organizations, while a consultation of people living with NCDs will also be performed. Subsequently, a launching meeting will be held in Maputo, with participation of invited organizations. It also intends to conduct accountability activities and report progress to members, the public, and government. 

Myanmar – People’s Health Foundation

This project aims to establish an effective NCD alliance for promoting NCD policies in Myanmar and  ensuring NCDs are regarded as a priority policy issue for the government.

One short-term goal is to ensure that policy makers become more aware of the burden and impacts of NCDs on economic development, and their role in controlling these diseases. Key stakeholders will also become more knowledgeable about the importance of working as an alliance. 

Nigeria – NCD Alliance Nigeria

This project aims to empower the NCD Civil Society Organizations in Nigeria and strengthen their responses to NCDs. It has two objectives, firstly to strengthen the capacity of the alliance members and partners; and secondly to promote active engagement of key policy makers in Government and Media for NCDs. 

The activities of the project will include training, stakeholder meetings and advocacy to, for example, assess the strength and weaknesses of members and partners; agree on a Civil Society Strategic Plan of Action for NCDs in Nigeria from 2017 – 2021, and undertake advocacy visits to media organisations and the Federal Minister of Health of Nigeria. 

The Philippines – HealthJustice Inc.

The project aims to establish a Philippine NCD Alliance that will advocate in making NCD prevention and control a priority of the government and society. The proposed alliance will convene civil society groups and form a resource center on NCD prevention and control. 

The goal will be achieved through formation of a secretariat, mapping of possible members and partners, individual and group briefing about the alliance, holding of strategic planning activities, and development of advocacy materials. 

Vietnam – Vietnam NCDs Prevention Alliance

The Vietnam NCDs Prevention Alliance (NCDs-VN) has been operating for two years with 12 organizational members specializing in diverse fields such as health, media, environment, and law working together to prevent and control the increasing burden of NCDs in Vietnam. 

This project was designed to address existing challenges by working to restructure NCDs-VN to enhance collaboration among the Alliance members; to facilitate synergic actions among alliance members and engage stakeholders in NCDs-VN’s policy advocacy activities; and to enhance the voice and visibility of the alliance among policy makers, CSOs, media and public.