Pamela Naidoo

CEO/Extraordinary Professor, Heart and Stroke Foundation South Africa

 South AFrica

Why would you like to be on the NCDA Board of Directors?

I have extensive experience in Senior Management roles and therefore understand the importance of the positive (and sometimes negative) impact of decision-making at this level. Given the high burden of NCDs in Africa and around the world and the increasing burden of co-and-multi morbidities, there has to be a strong and urgent call to action for the detection, treatment, prevention, development of progressive health policies, and care. I believe as a Board member I can contribute in constructively steering and mobilizing the NCDA to make multiple voices heard for NCDs and the associated funding required. Moreover, I do not only have “management and Board” experience, I am also an expert in the field of Public Health.

What makes you a good candidate for the NCDA Board of Directors?

I believe that the skills that I have acquired over the past 38 years stand me in good stead as a NCDA Board Member. My skills go beyond my academic and research qualifications. Over the years I have been involved in Senior Management Roles (including as a Board Member) and therefore understand the decorum and good, ethical governance processes that underpin a successful organisation such as the NCDA. Moreover, having lived experience as a person of color during apartheid South Africa, I continue to fulfil human rights mandates in any way possible by translating my qualifications and experience into advocacy work in the health sector. It is well established that health outcomes are not only reliant on individual factors but are also reliant on country-level and community level factors. I have a deep understanding of LMICs and believe that I can make a positive difference or impact by being one of the Board members that will help facilitate the mission and vision of the NCDA.


Professor Pamela Naidoo has a Masters’ Degree in Clinical Psychology and a Masters’ degree in Public Health. She also holds a Doctorate in Philosophy (Behavioural Medicine). Prof Naidoo is a registered Clinical Psychologist and as such, much of her work straddles public health and behavioural medicine. As a public health specialist, she has more than 35 years of experience in the health sector. Her key focus areas are on comorbidities between non-communicable diseases (NCDs), mental health and infectious diseases.

Prof Naidoo became a Full Professor in 2008. Her work experience embraces clinical practice, academia and research, including as a Research Director in the Psycho-social Well-Being and Behavioural Interventions programme at the HSRC. At present Prof Naidoo is the CEO of the Heart and Stroke Foundation South Africa and also holds Extraordinary Professorships at the Universities of the Western Cape, Stellenbosch and Cape Town. Professor Naidoo is a National Research Foundation (NRF) rated researcher. She is an active member on many research and health policy committees locally and globally. In her current role as CEO, she is also focused on financially sustaining the organisation. Prof Naidoo has an extensive stake-holder networks in South Africa, on the African Continent and Globally.

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