Sawsan A.S. Al Madhi

Advocacy Advisor, Eastern Mediterranean NCD Alliance; CEO and Founder, AlignnEficient Heath Consultancies CO LLC

 United Arab Emirates

Why would you like to be on the NCDA Board of Directors?

NCDA is an amazing umbarella organisation and has been doing tremendous work in pushing the agenda of UHC, providing recourses and uniting civil societies across the globe to support their advocacy work while supporting regional and national NCDAs.

NCDA has created an unprecedented global movement for NCD's and they always tackle the right and real issues making sure that the voice of the NCD community is truly heard within any international platform.

These are only few reasons why I want to join the NCDA Board of Directors but most importantly is to give a voice to my region (Middle East/EMR) as it has its own diverse and unique issues and challenges which is impacting its health systems, access to health, health equity and the need for better public health campaigns on NCDs.

We are all in this together to make sure we reach the SDG's by 2030, only with the proper inclusion of representatives from across the regions will this be possible.

What makes you a good candidate for the NCDA Board of Directors?

I believe that with my 20 years experience and background working on NCD Advocacy, patients access to treatment, health literacy, meaningful engagement of the patients voice and raising awareness within the community about public health issues and prevention both on a national level in UAE, regional with in the EMR region and internationally.

I can add great value to the amazing work the NCDA is currently doing and support the expansions of such work in the EMR region through the regional NCDA EMR and my network.

Since 2015, I have been supporting the NCDA work by facilitating hosting its 1st (2015), 2nd (2017) and 3rd (2020) NCDA conference in Sharjah as the former Director General of Friends of Cancer Patients (the hosting organisation). I have also been on the scientific committee of all these conferences and helped co-create many of the agendas and outcomes of such convenings.

As an MD doctor with such unique understanding of how civil societies work and operate, I always tried to bridge the gap between Civil societies and HCP's for the maximum benefit to the patients, which I believe there is still room for more work and progress in this area.


Dr Sawsan A. S. Al Madhi is a professional healthcare Leader and Consultant, Advocacy Advisor, Entrepreneur, honor class master’s degree holder and an MD. With 20 years progressive leadership experience and skills in strategy, governance, operations and administration within the civil society and the not-profit charitable sectors, advocacy, and public health education & promotion within UAE and internationally.

Dr Al Madhi has 20 years track record in patient’s advocacy within the EMR region, with vast network regionally and internationally. Dr Al Madhi managed to incorporate the patients voice in policy making and introduce meaningful patients engagement via her work as the former Director General for Friends of Cancer Patients in UAE and through her current role as an Advocacy Advisor within the EMR region and globally.

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