NCDA Advocacy Institute

This page compiles NCDA Advocacy Institute's resources to support nascent and well-established NCD alliances as well as coalition building across civil society members that wish to play an active role in the NCD response.

NCDA Seed virtual trainings (2020)

Password: SeedOnlineInvolvement2020

The session is the third out of four sessions which form part of NCDA Advocacy Institute's Seed virtual training programme in 2020. This session specifically explored what meaningful involvement of people living with NCDs looks like at the global, regional and national levels, providing NCD alliances with definition and framework and identifying mechanisms/good practice.

Password: SeedOnlineAdvocacy2020

Digital advocacy has proven effective in different settings to create awareness on a health priority, increase political momentum and support, and advance on health policies. This session specifically focused on providing NCD alliances with tools and examples on how to advocate in an online environment, and opportunities to include digital advocacy in their work plans during and beyond COVID-19. Examples from the NCDA and from ournetwork on the use of digital platforms for NCD communication and advocacy efforts were showcased, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Password: SeedAccountability2020

The session is the first out of four sessions which form part of NCDA Advocacy Institute's Seed virtual training programme in 2020. This session specifically focused on the key role of civil society in ensuring government and private sector accountability to their response and strategies to NCDs in the COVID-19 context. It included speakers from the global NCD Alliance team as well as national alliances, followed up by an interactive group discussion.

NCDA Advocacy Institute webinars (2019)

Password: SustainableResourcing

The objective of the thrid NCDA Advocacy Institute webinar was to share the most important elements to ensure an effective resource mobilisation for a national or regional NCD alliance, in order to ensure its sustainability.

Password: ENOUGHcampaign

This second webinar of the NCDA Avocacy Institute webinar series focused on effective communications campaign strategies, and featured three cases studies from the NCD Alliance, the Healthy Caribbean Coalition and the Ghana NCD Alliance.

Password: PeerLearning

The first NCDA Advocacy Institute webinar aims to support alliances and NCDA members in their coalition building work, by sharing the general concepts of strategic planning and discuss the opportunities and challenges in the Strategic Planning process through three case studies.